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Shared Kids Rooms: A Battlefield Or A Fairy Tale?

Last updated December 20, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

While home sizes are evidently growing, with over 40 percent of modern houses containing four bedrooms or more, many siblings

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How To Organize Your Home With Better Storage Options

Last updated August 18, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

If you are interested in organizing your home with some good storage options, you may be interested to know what the pros and DIY amateurs alike, are doing to maximize storage space and maintain an organized home.


How To Organize Your Home With Better Storage Options


We have compiled some of the best ways you can organize your home with helpful and practical storage options.

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Pre-Vacation Home Prep: Simple Steps To Prepare Your Home For Your Holiday

Last updated August 17, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

Imagine this: you are about to embark on an epic vacation away from home. You have been planning and dreaming about this getaway since last time you were on a holiday; your excitement is palpable.


Pre-Vacation Home Prep: Simple Steps To Prepare Your Home For Your Holiday


To help you maximize your vacation quality-time, and insure your smooth, stress-free return home, we have compiled a list of steps to prep your house for pre-vacation efficiently"


With these steps, your holiday away from home will allow you to return to a stress-free, new and improved version of your private life!

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How Clean Is A Restaurant Kitchen, Compared To Your Own Home?

Last updated August 11, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

Everyone at some point has flipped on the television, only to see a disgusting restaurant kitchen that has been neglected to the point of catastrophe.


How Clean Is A Restaurant Kitchen, Compared To Your Own Home?


Whenever someone sees a dirty restaurant in the news or on TV, some cockroach or rotten food investigation is usually the story.


We have taken the time to interview the Chef De Partie at a fine dining restaurant in Toronto, to find out what really goes on behind the scenes, and to provide insight into the painstaking regiment required to maintain a clean food-safe kitchen.


We asked the Chef De Partie (station chef) Adam a series of questions and he was happy to oblige and offer his own take on how a kitchen should be run (Adam has been a chef for the better part of 10 years).

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Wall Colors That Promote Peacefulness And Happiness

Last updated August 8, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

Your home is your retreat. A place where you can be you – stress-free, relaxed, and content. Besides keeping your house clean, studies show that:


The Way You Organize Can Have An Enormous Impact On Your Mood, Thoughts, and Well-Being


...the way you organize your living space can have an enormous impact on your mood, your thoughts, and overall mental well-being.


Scientific research has proven that:


When our eyes are looking at colors, our brain releases different neurochemicals


...that impact our mood and our overall mental and physical health.


So, what color shades are the most relaxing and perfect for de-stressing your home and, consequently, your life?

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How To Clean Your Cupboards, Closets And Cabinets When Moving Out Of Your House?

Last updated July 12, 2018 by Joy de Guzman

Are you in the process of moving out? Trying to make sure you dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s? Don’t want to forget anything or leave a mess for your landlord, or the next person who will live there?


How To Clean Cupboards, Closets, and Cabinets When Moving Out Of Your House


Yes, we know there is much to think about when preparing to move out of a house. Cleaning the home you are vacating is just one major part of the entire experience. And, even the cleaning part has its own variables. Today we will focus on the general cleaning out of your storage spaces as you prepare for your move. We’re talking of course, about the closets and wardrobes, cabinets and cubbies, drawers and shelves. Basically, all the hidden spaces that are often forgotten and neglected. These are favourite spots for messes, dirt, germs, and lost knick-knacks to hide.


Imagine! That favorite winter sock you were looking all over the house for 3 years ago, was tucked away at the far end corner of the coat closet all this time! What a random place for a missing sock eh! You had forgotten all about it until this moment.


Well, you know what they say: “out of site out of mind”.

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